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Diamond Engagement Rings | Make Your Proposal Memorable

Diamond Engagement Rings | Make Your Proposal Memorable | Dracakis Jewellers

People come up with many inventive ways to propose to their partners these days.
They range from the traditional down on one knee proposal to the totally bizarre, like proposing mid-air while skydiving. In fact, you could make a proposal of marriage just about anywhere at any time. The only thing limiting how you’ll go about it is your imagination.

Whatever method you choose to pose the big question to your significant other, you’ll want to present a beautiful diamond engagement ring to seal the deal and make the answer of 'yes' official. Once you’re engaged to be married, there’s nothing quite like slipping a beautiful, sparkling ring onto your partner’s finger to demonstrate your love and commitment together. With that in mind, let’s take a look at diamond engagement rings, what to look for and how to choose just the right ring when the time comes.

Work Out Your Budget First

There’s little point in getting all hyped up to go out ring hunting if you have no idea how much you’re willing to spend on an engagement ring. While most people would love the freedom of the sky being the limit when it comes to the price, most of us are restricted by how much we can actually afford. Even though we don’t like to put a price on love, so to speak, you also have to be practical.

First, figure out how much you can comfortably afford to spend on the ring, then start your research online online, or by doing the rounds of the jewellery stores near you.

Combining the style you like, with what you'd like to spend is the easiest way to start the custom designing process - and you'll be surprised by what we can create for you, with our decades long experience in sourcing diamonds & gemstones, anything is possible!

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration for the type and style of diamond engagement ring you would like to buy can come from anywhere. If you don’t really know what you’re looking for, browse some images online to get some ideas. There’s nothing quite like visual examples to give you a clearer picture of what type of ring you want to give when you make the proposal.

Take note of the rings you see on other peoples’ fingers. There are many shapes and sizes when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Some are very traditional while other designs are a little more unusual.

Window shopping in jewellery stores and asking questions will also help you define exactly what ring you want to get your partner in life.

Size Does Matter

This doesn’t mean the bigger the stone, the better. Sure, an engagement ring with a big rock looks expensive and impressive but, aside from your budget to buy a ring, you also need to consider how the ring is going to look on her finger. If your lady has small and slender fingers and hands, then an engagement ring with a big stone may just look too over the top and not suit her hand. Alternatively, a ring with a really small stone may look insignificant on the hand of a woman with larger fingers.

You’ll also need to find a way to discover her ring size, so when you do make the proposal and slip the ring on her finger, it will be a perfect fit.

Choose a Unique Engagement Ring

An engagement ring doesn’t have to follow conventions. You’re free to select a ring with coloured stones or more than one diamond or gemstone. There’s no rule stating that an engagement ring can only have clear diamonds or be a solitaire engagement ring.

You’re also free to break with convention when it comes to the style and design of the ring. For example, opt for something less common and a little unusual, such as a halo engagement ring or a ring with a stone cut in an unusual pattern.

The settings used on the ring can make all the difference as well, as there’s a lot of scope for the jeweller to get creative with how the diamonds in the ring are set.

Find Just the Right Diamond Engagement Ring At Dracakis

If you’re looking for just the right diamond engagement ring, drop into Dracakis and chat with our knowledgeable staff. We have 3 locations in Mosman, Brookvale and Castle Hill. All of our stores have an extensive range of quality engagement rings for you to choose from and you’re certain to find just the ring you want for when you propose.