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Pasquale Bruni Giardini Segreti Diamond Ring

Pasquale Bruni Giardini Segreti Diamond Ring



Pasquale Bruni


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Inspired by the secret gardens of Milan and its mysterious courtyards, these magical places tell stories of secret encounters, art and nature.

Material: 18ct White Gold
Finish: Highly Polished with Rhodium Plated White Gold
Gemstone: Diamonds
Diamond Weight: 3.03ct
Colour: F-G Colour
Clarity: VVS-VS
Origin: Handmade in Valenza, Italy

Pasquale Bruni Pave

The iconic Pasquale Bruni method of stone-setting combines the expertise of master craftsmen and the perfect harmony of gold and selected gems to make the piece look like a sheer fabric of shimmering stones. The backside of pave is created following the traditional handcrafting techniques of high-end jewellery. The tiny holes, that permit to light up the gems, in many Pasquale Bruni creations have the shape of little hearts.


Pasquale Bruni certifies each and every diamond according to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). This process forbids the use of diamonds from war zones, so no diamond is purchased in countries that support rebellions or wars that violate the United Nations resolutions.

Vera Passione since 1968

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