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Pasquale Bruni Luce Necklace with White Diamonds

Pasquale Bruni Luce Necklace with White Diamonds



Pasquale Bruni


Product Details

NEW for 2021, Luce by Eugenia Bruni, Creative Director, Pasquale Bruni

Material: 18ct Rose Gold
Gemstone: White Diamonds
Finish: Highly Polished
Origin: Handmade in Valenza, Italy

Pasquale Bruni Metals

The creations of Pasquale Bruni are made with precious metals. Gold in the colours of yellow, white or pink is made up of an alloy with 750 parts of fine gold, meaning 18 carats. Yellow gold is alloyed with silver and copper to achieve the intense and warm colour features of Pasquale Bruni’s gold. The pink gold has a high percentage of copper giving this alloy a warm and sensual shade created exclusively for Pasquale Bruni. White gold is alloyed with palladium, introduced to replace nickel. Pasquale Bruni applies the strictest canons of European regulations for non-allergic metals and in this regard uses high percentages of palladium, an extremely rare and precious metal, to guarantee that all metals used are absolutely non-allergic.

Vera Passione since 1968.
Pasquale Bruni is exclusively in store at Dracakis Mosman. 

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