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Pasquale Bruni Petit Joli Multi Coloured Gemstone Necklace

Pasquale Bruni Petit Joli Multi Coloured Gemstone Necklace



Pasquale Bruni


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Flowers that take on the colors of the sky, space and earth, giving life to a bouquet of dreams.

Material: 18ct Rose Gold
Finish: Highly Polished
Gemstone: Black Onyx, White Agate, Red Carnelian, Pink Chalcedony, Green & Violet Quartz with Champagne Diamonds
Origin: Handmade in Valenza, Italy

For each Pasquale Bruni collection, a special cut of gemstone is devised to make the piece irresistible and unique.

The rear of each Pasquale Bruni piece is always embellished with the brand’s signature symbols: flowers, moons, suns, stars, hearts ... which can often be more intricate than creating the front of the jewel.

Petit Joli by Pasquale Bruni
This collection embodies the everlasting connection between nature and women. Flowers that take on the colours of the sky, space and earth-colours with a bold yet delicate personality. Lunar blue, the colour of the sky, is created by lapis lazuli and white agate; Lunar white is created by the warmth of the white agate, representing the moon and its embodiment of light, space and air; Pink chalcedony recounts the love that unites the land and the sky; Onyx represents the land and strength, the very intensity of being. Green is a new colour this year, in the form of green agate. This charismatics tone embodies the absolute energy of nature, her incredible force, which is a combination of power and protection. One exceptional aspect of the Pasquale Bruni philosophy is the ability to unite different symbols (the lunar and earthly worlds) and create a universe and its authentic interpretations of the connection between nature, its elements and the moon.

Vera Passione since 1968.
Pasquale Bruni is exclusively in store at Dracakis Mosman. 

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