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Pomellato Catene Champagne Diamond Bracelet




PBB8160 O7000 DBR00 S

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Setting ever more precious gems into Catene's voluptuous golden curves, Pomellato artisans dance to a new diamond rhythm.

Material: 18k Rose Gold
Finish: Highly Polished with Hand Painted Black Rhodium Finish
Diamonds: Round Brilliant & Rose Cut Champagne Diamonds 23ct
Size: 15.5cm

Pomellato Champagne Diamonds

Diamonds always occur as isolated crystals, in shapes that tend towards a perfect octahedron, sometimes with rounded edges or even with an opaque skin. The name derives from the Greek ‘adamas’, which means unbreakable or invincible, probably because of its excellent strength. They are formed at great depths in the Earth’s mantle, in high–pressure, high-temperature conditions. The formation of diamonds is due to volcanic eruptions through narrow pipes that rise vertically from unknown depths and grow progressively in diameter until they reach the surface. Given the rarity of the stones and therefore an increase in value, the dimensions and the weight of the stone are as fundamental to the price as the color, purity and cut. Pomellato in its collection usually uses colorless, brown, black, grey and icy diamonds. Diamonds are used in many collections. Tango and Sabbia are the most remarkable one.

Pomellato Rose Gold

Gold takes its name from the Indo-European word “gehl” meaning to shine. Rose - a delicate tint achieved by mixing gold with small quantities of copper and silver.

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