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Pomellato M'ama Non M'ama Mineral Gemstone Hoop Earrings




POB9090 O7000 DBKON

Product Details

A fashionable bouquet of emotions.

In a lively game of stack and tell, mixing and matching different M’ama non m’ama (He loves me, he loves me not) colors can express a whole new world of emotions, reflecting a truly unique and changeable style inspired by fashion and feeling.

With Byzantine inspiration, Pomellato introduces a mosaic of rose gold M’ama non M’ama rings, bangles and earrings, featuring mineral gems for the first time ever.

  • 18ct Rose Gold
  • Available in four colour combinations, Black Onyx & Black Diamonds, Mother of Pearl & Icy Diamonds, Lapis & Blue Sapphire, Turquoise & Zircon.

We have the country's largest range of Pomellato M'ama non M'ama, select your desired colour & our team will be in touch to confirm the production of your special piece.

Each Pomellato piece is handmade at Casa Pomellato in Milano.
We deliver Australia wide!

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