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Pomellato Nudo Bangle with Obsidian & Black Diamonds





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The vivacious colours and the asymmetrical stone sizes are Nudo design motifs that find new life in this very contemporary take on the classic bangle.

Easy to wear and ready to stack, a rigid open bangle encircles the wrist placing against the skin two vividly bright gemstones.

Material: 18ct Rose Gold
Finish: Highly Polished
Centre Gemstone: Obsidian & Black Diamonds
Carat Weight: 20.25ct (Obsidian)
Diamonds: 38=0.50ct Black Diammonds
Origin: Made in Milan, Italy
Size: 16.5cm 

Pomellato Obsidian

Obsidian is a natural glass formed by the cooling of volcanic lava. Being a glass, it has a tendency to fracture in a concoid form, and has been used since prehistoric times to produce cutting tools such as knives and lances with sharp edges. The first mirrors produced by man also appear to have been created from fragments of polished obsidian. Historically, it is worth mentioning the Atzecs, who used obsidian extensively to produce weapons, masks and elegant ear ornaments, extracting it from the numerous open-cast mines throughout Central America. From an aesthetic point of view, obsidian has a glassy shine and is usually black or grey. It owes its attractiveness to an iridescence generated by minute bubbles and inclusions that reflect and refract light. This iridescence has a silvery or golden sheen, which makes obsidian appreciated for ornamental uses.

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