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Pomellato Nudo Bangle with Sky Blue Topaz

Pomellato Nudo Bangle with Sky Blue Topaz





Product Details

The vivacious colours and the asymmetrical stone sizes are Nudo design motifs that find new life in this very contemporary take on the classic bangle.

Easy to wear and ready to stack, a rigid open bangle encircles the wrist placing against the skin two vividly bright gemstones.

Material: 18ct Rose Gold
Finish: Highly Polished
Centre Gemstone: Sky Blue Topaz & Diamonds
Carat Weight: 20.25ct (Sky Topaz)
Diamonds: 38=0.50ct
Origin: Made in Milan, Italy
Size: 16.5cm 

Pomellato Sky Blue Topaz

The name, initially used to describe other gems, comes from the island of Topazos, in the Red Sea. Only in 8th century did we start using it for what is the Topaz gem today. The ancient Greeks believed that Topaz gave them strength. In Europe during the Renaissance people thought that Topaz could break magic spells and dispel anger. For centuries, many people in India have believed that topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty, and intelligence. Pure Topaz is colorless and transparent, known as allochromatic, and trace elements such as chromium, iron and manganese are responsible for its various tints. Sky Blue Topaz, once rare, is now created using modern processes like irradiation. Together with the London Blue Topaz variety, it is among Pomellato’s best selling stones. As well as being the birthstone for those born in November, Sky Blue Topaz is the gem of choice to celebrate the 4th wedding anniversary. Used in many Pomellato lines, especially because of the way its colors create intriguing contrasts with gold.

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