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Pomellato Ritratto Ring with Lapis & Brown Diamonds





Product Details

Celebrating Mother Nature’s genius, each Ritratto stone has been hand-selected for a singular beauty, then sculpted and framed like a work of art. Here in Lapislazuli.

  • 18ct Rose Gold
  • Hand Cut Lapis Lazuli
  • Brown Diamonds 0.50ct
  • 21.44g
  • Size 52

Pomellato Rose Gold

Gold takes its name from the Indo-European word “gehl” meaning to shine. Rose - a delicate tint achieved by mixing gold with small quantities of copper and silver.

Pomellato Lapis Lazuli

It is often characterized by the presence of pyrite inclusions, which are responsible for the brilliant gold-colored scalloping. Being an opaque gem that it is generally appreciated for its color, Lapis is usually cut into cabochon stones and necklace beads or used for the creation of small-carved objects. The name is said to come from the Latin word “Lapis” meaning stone and the Persian word “Lazhward”, meaning blue. The Assyrians used it as a cure for melancholy, while another wide spread ancient belief was that it protected the wearer from evil. In antiquity, Buddhists kept Lapis with them as they gave them peace of mind.

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