About Us

Dracakis Jewellers, a premier destination for opulent and exquisite jewellery in Sydney, has been designing and presenting unique artisanal pieces exclusively for its patrons for over two generations. Established by Paul Dracakis in 1980, Dracakis Jewellers has always remained dedicated to its core values of passion, luxury, and inclusiveness. The brand is committed to matching every customer with pieces that resonate with their individual preferences and innermost desires. Our team addresses every query and concern with utmost care and attention, ensuring that every visit to our store feels warm and welcoming, like being part of our family.

Awards & Accolades

Here at Dracakis we are very passionate about the jewellery pieces we make and sell. Over the many years we have been established, our hard work and distinctive creative flare has been recognized through many awards.

We are extremely thankful for these awards, and would like to send our appreciation to everyone who recognized our work and made these awards possible.