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10 Surprising Jewellery Styles That Are Quickly Gathering A Cult Following

10 Aug 2022
10 Surprising Jewellery Styles That Are Quickly Gathering A Cult Following - Dracakis Jewellers

Diamond jewellery knows no boundaries and at Dracakis Jewelers, we pride ourselves on breaking tradition and conventions in the spirit of creativity.

Just when you think you have seen it all, a new trend and a fresh diamond trend rises to take the industry by storm.

With this in mind, here are 10 pieces of diamond jewellery you may have missed (but ought not to do) in 2022.

If you’re someone who treasures distinctiveness and artistic expression, then these are the pieces that belong in your collection.


Essential Pink Diamond Halo Pendant

It’s hard not to fall in love at first sight with this deep purple-pink pendant from our Essential Diamond Halo Collection.

Pink diamonds work beautifully as a centrepiece. They represent romance and grandeur in an unparalleled symbol. Pink also stands out as an ultimate feminine stone. Plus, it’s one of the world's rarest colours of diamonds.

If you are looking for a new pendant that effortlessly makes an impression, then this is an easy favourite.  It comes with a 0.163ct purple pink centre diamond, a glistening halo of brilliant white diamonds, and an 18ct rose gold chain.


Men’s White Gold & Diamond Wedding Ring

Simple yet opulent and enticing, our Men’s White Gold And Diamond Wedding Ring has become a favourite for men looking to step away from tradition when tying the knot.

This jewellery is handcrafted with a band of 18k white gold and is finished with matt and polished surfaces. For the plot twist, it is set with 0.30ct square diamonds of superb quality. I would not describe it as less than sleek and classy. 


Essential Yellow Diamond Halo Pendant

Need a dose of sunshine in your diamond collection? Then this piece is your you.

Yellow jewellery brings a scintillating symbol of optimism, happiness and joy. It reminds us of bright summer days and springtime renewal. When it comes to diamonds, yellow emanates rich intensity and gleaming brilliance that is difficult to surpass. 

This pendant from our Essential Diamond Halo collection is crafted with a central round 0.16ct fancy vivid dark yellow diamond with a white diamond halo to enhance its yellow colour.

Bottom line? This yellow diamond colour is exceptional, extremely rare and highly sought-after.


Classic Diamond Oval Shaped Hoop Earrings (0.70ct)

Wearing a hoop earring is a powerful way to show off your personality and sense of style. They’re the oldest form of ear jewellery in history and continue to be one of the oldest fashion trends alive in 2022.

If hoop earrings are your style, you should check out our new Classic Diamond Oval Shaped Earrings. It features 0.70ct natural white diamonds in a round brilliant cut, set inside and out for fathomless sparkle at every angle. You should definitely have it!


Essential Halo Diamond Earrings (0.25ct)

Surrounding your centre diamond with more diamonds can make even the smallest centre diamond look larger than life. This is why halo diamond studs are well-loved. The diamond halo adds brilliance and impact to its enclosed centre stone, making it appear larger and more glam.

But not all halo diamond earrings are crafted alike. Check out our  Essential Halo Diamond Earrings. It highlights a 0.25ct centre white diamond and a flashing white diamond halo, set in an 18ct white, yellow or rose gold material. I bet it can easily make you look expensive and attention-grabbing.


Essential Diamond Halo Pendant (0.25ct)

There is a halo-style piece for every occasion so we decide to create exquisite halo-style accessories you’ll surely love for a lifetime.

The Essential Diamond Halo Pendant is a new favourite from our collection that brings diamond halo pendants to the next level. It features a 0.25ct centre diamond and is surrounded by a ring of brilliant white diamonds. You can choose to set it in white, yellow or pink gold depending on your sense of style.

If you are hoping to slay a formal occasion with a stunning pendant, you owe it to yourself to visit our website.


Round Brilliant Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Halo-style engagement rings are known to break even the latest ring trends. They are timeless and recognize no limits in artistry. This is why in Drakakis, we aspire to redefine diamond halo rings to a whole new level of craftsmanship.

The Round Brilliant Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a new jewellery piece in our collection. It features a delicate halo of white diamonds and a highly polished platinum band, accentuating a 0.51ct centrepiece made of natural diamond.

Worried about wrong ring sizing for a surprise proposal? Luckily, we offer one complimentary resizing on all Dracakis rings so you can sigh in relief on your engagement day. Plus, complimentary in-store ultrasonic cleaning services for the life of your piece.

Gold & Diamond Drops Necklace

There are many ways to be an instant it-girl in town. One is to wear an aesthetic dainty necklace that is a real eye-catcher. Take for example this new Gold & Diamond Drops Necklace from our selection.

This multi-drop necklace sets round brilliant cut diamonds in bezels, alternate in size to form an elegant Cleopatra-style piece. It has a 0.40ct gemstone weight and a 14ct yellow gold material with a chain adjustable from 40-45cm.

Diamond Pear-Shaped Drop Earrings

Does this jewellery even need an intro? It’s all fab and posh. Crafted from white gold with brilliant-cut white diamonds in a pear-shaped drop with delicate halo detail, you’ll definitely look ultra-glam in these earrings.

Diamond earring is a trend that never goes out of style and evolves from year to year. This year, pear-shaped drop earrings are taking the scene. Grab it today for a future special event!


Diamond Small Infinity Necklace

Infinity necklaces are not just beautiful on the outside. They also convey a beautiful representation of eternity, empowerment and everlasting love.

If you want to add an infinity necklace to your daily ensemble, you should see our Diamond Small Infinity Necklace. Proudly Australian-made, it offers cosmic sparkle with 25 gorgeous 0.14ct diamonds, set within the infinity symbol. It’s so chic and whimsical yet so simple.

At Dracakis Jewellers, we aspire to bring your sparkling ideas to life so you will always have something to look forward to from our boutique. From statement necklaces to halo-style earrings, classy engagement rings and more, the best is yet to come.

Visit any of our boutique locations across Sydney and see our diamond jewellery collection for yourself.


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