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5 Of Our Most Popular Princess & Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

12 Sep 2022
5 Of Our Most Popular Princess & Cushion Cut Diamond Rings - Dracakis Jewellers

To this day, the diamond's shape remains one of the most important deciding factors when selecting an engagement ring. It is often where the design process begins. In fact, the ring band's entirety of structure is created to complement and enhance the centre stone.

And thanks to the evolution of diamond cuts, we now have an astonishing variety of shapes to pick from. From the simple single cut invented in the 15th century to the contemporary round brilliant cut diamond, there's no shortage of options for couples looking to demonstrate their love.

While the round cut remains iconic, more couples are now considering adding an element of distinction to their engagement ring, which results in the increasing popularity of fancy shapes

Any diamond shape other than round-cut is referred to as a fancy-shaped diamond (also known as a fancy-cut diamond).

A fancy shape is a good way to opt for something unique and express individuality, with two of the most highly regarded fancy shapes being the princess-cut and the cushion-cut diamonds. 

The princess-cut diamond and the cushion-cut diamond have a strong yet delicate nature that gives them a trendy, modern appearance. 

Before showcasing our most popular princess and cushion-cut diamond rings, let us first talk about what makes these two gorgeous cuts distinct. 

Princess Cut vs Cushion Cut

The princess-cut and cushion-cut both give engagement ring settings a square central focal point. Nonetheless, while the cushion-cut diamonds feature rounded, soft edges that give off a more antique and romantic feel, the princess-cut diamonds are more modern and geometric in style.

Princess-cuts are traditionally square diamonds with sharp angular lines and distinct square shapes, ideally with a length-to-width ratio of 1.0-1.05. They have about 50 to 58 facets, depending on how the diamond is made.

For many years, princess-cut diamonds were thought to be the second most popular diamond form next to round-brilliant-cuts and have been compared to round-brilliant diamonds so frequently that they are sometimes called ‘square-modified-brilliants’. Whether placed in a solitaire or three-stone setting, the princess-cut sparkles and adds a contemporary charm to any engagement ring style.

On the other hand, the cushion-cut diamond has softly softened square edges that give it a pillow-like appearance, hence its name. It typically features 58 facets. With each piece, the cushion-cut's proportions can change, with some appearing more long and thin and others looking more square. 

What makes this cut particularly sought-after is its enduring sophistication that defies time. It's a popular choice, especially in halo settings and vintage style.

The Most Popular Princess & Cushion-Cut Diamond Rings from Our Collection

Despite having a similar shape, princess-cut and cushion-cut diamonds have very different aesthetics. Here are 5 of our most coveted rings to see their style differences in action.




Three-stone engagement rings are said to symbolise a couple's past, present and future. Plus, they offer triple the sparkle. This is why many couples are falling in love with this piece from our collection.

This stunning three-stone princess-cut engagement ring features a 3.03ct princess centre framed by two shimmering tapered baguette cut diamonds on each side. The stones are set on an 18ct white gold, high polish shank for a timeless aesthetic that never goes out of style.

Baguette diamonds are typically preferred and favoured as smaller accent diamonds, used to complement any shape of a centre stone, including princess-cuts. They're the perfect way to give your ring design a geometric grandeur.

With this princess-cut diamond three-stone engagement ring, you can definitely make a statement and seal your vows with style.




The exquisite shape of princess-cut diamonds makes them ideal for any modern bride-to-be who wishes to express her simplistic yet classic sense of taste. This makes this piece from us highly in demand. 

Petite and delicate, the Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring features an 18ct white gold solitaire band that highlights a 0.72ct princess-cut diamond centre stone. The centre diamond is a D colour that boasts a VS1 clarity grade.

Princess-cut rings are adaptable enough to go with a variety of band styles. In a solitaire setting, the modern appeal of a princess-cut appears even more elegant.




If you want your dainty centre diamond to pop, a yellow gold solitaire band can do wonders. 

This sophisticated diamond engagement ring displays a 0.50ct princess-cut diamond set in white gold corner claws and a delicate, upswept band in yellow gold. 

Solitaire settings are easily one of the most popular designs that help the centre stone to stand out. They are more straightforward and minimalist than some of today's popular styles, accentuating a centre stone's full lustre, so if you want your ring dainty yet still breathtaking, this is the style you should go for.




Featuring both the cushion-cut's beautiful, rounded corners and the sparkling "halo" of accent diamonds, consider the Cushion-Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring from our collection to have it all. This fusion of vogue styles results in a striking, stunning ring.

This piece flaunts a 1.51ct cushion-cut diamond centre stone, surrounded by brilliant white diamonds in a delicate halo. But, it does not stop there. The band is also set with brilliant diamonds in the same style for maximum sparkle.

Speaking of the band, the material used is 18ct white gold, highly polished with Rhodium. Indeed, there is nothing not to love with this engagement ring.




If you want twice the sparkle and splendour, we bet the Cushion-Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring will make you stand in awe. 

Among our extensive selection of halo rings, this piece is a client-favourite, and here's why: it has another halo after the first halo. This means you enjoy double the shimmer, and it also makes your centre stone appear larger. In addition, you also get a delicate diamond band for sparkle from every angle. 

Double-halo engagement rings pull even more attention to your bride-to-be's finger by encircling the centre diamond with two bands of smaller stones.

This popular engagement ring design features a cushion-cut diamond centre with an SI2 clarity grade. 

Behind every perfect ring is a beautiful diamond shape and cut. A diamond with an excellent cut will radiate and catch the eye.

To this day, the round-brilliant-cut remains the most popular. It has been a timeless classic that is always in style. Check out our collection for the most stunning round brilliant cuts.

Nonetheless, the trendier doesn't always mean the better. Your unique sense of style will always count the most in your diamond ring design decision. 

At Dracakis Jewellers, we constantly strive to offer you hundreds of designs to choose from, so we can create the ring of your dreams to life. If you want to opt for a fancy shape centre diamond, the princess and cushion-cut can be your first two lines of options. 

Visit us in-store or browse online.

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