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Choose Joy & Shine in Colour | New Gemstone Jewellery

Choose Joy & Shine in Colour | New Gemstone Jewellery | Dracakis Jewellers

Diamonds might be known as a girl’s best friend – but nothing captures the imagination or fascinates quite like exotic coloured gemstones.

Collected & admired throughout time in almost every culture in their various forms, from rough gems, charms, crown jewels & amulets, coloured gemstones have always been thought to hold special energies, in addition to their obvious natural physical beauty!

Our Gemstone Collection

The Dracakis family have spent many years collecting unique & beautiful, coloured gemstones from almost every corner of the world, with our expert team maintaining close working relationships with gem traders, allowing us access to the very best gems & new discoveries as modern mining, especially in developing countries, has evolved over time.

Our latest collection can be described as nothing less than a rainbow of rare, exotic, ethically sourced gemstones – which come together in thoughtful, classic design, often in surprising colour combinations.

You can view the full collection here.

The collection includes popular gemstones like Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Tourmaline, Garnet, Topaz, Morganite, Aquamarine & Citrine – as well as more unusual varieties of Mandarin Garnet, Imperial Topaz, Tanzanite & Zircon!

Whether you’re shopping for a spectacular cocktail ring for yourself or looking for a sentimental gift to celebrate life’s special moments – you’ll find the perfect piece of gemstone jewellery in store at Dracakis.

With our incredible range, your options for colour, size & style are almost limitless – but in case you have something specific in mind, you can take advantage of our award-winning design services by meeting with our team in store to create the piece of your jewellery dreams.

Lifetime Care

As with all of our pieces, you’ll enjoy lifetime care from the team at Dracakis, ensuring we’ll be here for you, for the life of your special piece! To keep your gemstones sparkling for life, we offer complimentary in-store ultrasonic cleaning services for the life of your piece – just drop into any of our boutique locations across Sydney & our team will check your setting before they ultrasonically deep clean your diamonds on the spot!