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Designer Engagement Ring | Amaze Your Special One

Designer Engagement Ring | Amaze Your Special One | Dracakis Jewellers

You may have heard the term “designer engagement ring”, but what is a designer engagement ring exactly and will this type of ring amaze your special someone?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at designer engagement rings, some engagement ring designs, and why a designer engagement ring will wow your significant other.

What Is a Designer Engagement Ring?

A designer engagement ring tends to be a little more unique in one facet or another. While these rings may still follow conventional trends, they’ll possess a feature that sets them apart.

Many engagement rings are factory-produced, meaning there are literally tens of thousands of the exact same ring on the market. Designer rings are more unique, so you have far more chance of offering a ring to your partner that you won’t see on many other peoples’ fingers.

Designer engagement rings sometimes use coloured diamonds and other gemstones to give the ring some extra pizzazz and sparkle. Often, more creative settings for the stones are used to make the ring more unique. Designer rings are regularly handcrafted rather than produced in a factory and, if you want to take things a step further, you can have an engagement ring made in your own unique design and specifications.

What Is the Most Popular Style Of Engagement Ring?

Many people tend to stick with what’s safe when choosing engagement rings. In other words, they’ll follow tradition and opt for an engagement ring with a standard design, such as a basic solitaire diamond ring with a clear stone, or rings with the classic round brilliant cut design. Another classic and popular design is a ring with one large diamond in the centre and much smaller diamonds adorning the sides of the ring. The oval cut and radiant cut diamond shapes are also extremely popular choices as they catch the light so brilliantly.

Classic designs are sometimes easier to match up with wedding bands, as you want the two to blend and fit well together when placed on the finger.

What Are the Best Engagement Ring Designs?

The best engagement ring design often comes down to personal choice. We all like different things, so while one engagement ring design might appeal to some people, you might decide you prefer something different. There are no hard and fast rules, and when it comes to designer engagement rings, there are no limitations on imagination. In the modern world, anything goes.

Rather than following the convention of clear diamonds on a plain band, many people are now shopping for engagement rings that feature coloured stones and very unusual designs and settings. Even the way diamonds are being cut is evolving all the time, with craftsmen competing to deliver something new and unique to the market.

If you want something unique but still feel like you want to play it safe, choose an engagement ring that is modelled on a conventional style and design, but yet offers a unique twist. This could be in the form of a different setting, a coloured diamond, having a blend of white and yellow gold, or a stone cut in a less-common shape.

There really are a lot of choices out there, so the best way to come up with ideas is to do some research online, or by venturing into jewellery shops.

Why She’ll Love a Designer Engagement Ring On Her Finger

If you give your special someone a designer engagement ring that’s different to what everyone else is wearing, it’ll make her feel extra special. As people, we are all unique in our own way and what better way to demonstrate her individuality than with a unique piece of designer jewellery on her ring finger.

Everyone loves a stunning and dazzling engagement ring, but one with unique characteristics is going to be made extra special. Choosing a ring that’s unique will also demonstrate that you’ve put extra thought and effort into the ring choice.

Unique Engagement Rings Available At Dracakis In Sydney

Dracakis in Sydney is your premier choice when it comes to designer engagement rings and finding a ring that will dazzle her. We offer an extensive range of both conventional and unique pieces for you to choose from at 3 fantastic locations. Give us a call or drop into one of our stores and discover how we can help you wow her when you propose to her.