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Diamond Wedding Rings | Because True Love Lasts Forever

Diamond Wedding Rings | Because True Love Lasts Forever | Dracakis Jewellers

One of the most special pieces of jewellery anyone can own is a wedding ring, and to make that wedding ring even more remarkable, choose a wedding ring with one or more diamonds adorning it. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional plain wedding band, diamond wedding rings are on the next level.

This article will focus on some tips for buying a diamond wedding ring, so you can make just the right choice for your significant other.

How Do I Choose a Wedding Ring Design?

Choosing a nice design for a diamond wedding ring will mostly come down to personal preference. We all like different things, and that diversity in taste is what makes life interesting, and why jewellery stores will offer a broad selection of designs.

If you truly have no idea of what type of diamond wedding ring design you would like for either yourself or your partner, the best thing to do is actually go window shopping in some quality jewellery stores so you can get some ideas.

Another option is to browse pictures of various diamond wedding rings online. You’ll soon discover some designs that will appeal to both you and your partner.

There are a lot of different designs in the world and a number of options. For starters, you have choices of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum or even silver if you prefer. With gold, you might choose a ring that’s a combination of both yellow gold and white gold. The wedding band may have just a single diamond, or a number of small diamonds studded around the band.

Some diamond wedding rings also include other precious stones along with diamonds, such as rubies or sapphires.

The more you browse around the stores and online, the clearer the image will become of the ideal diamond wedding ring for you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your partner what appeals to them. Have them look at some pics online so you can get a fair idea of what they like and don’t like. This way, when you buy the ring, you can do it without taking them along and surprise them on your wedding day.

Consider Getting Your Diamond Wedding Ring Made

If you either can’t find the design you have in mind or want a diamond wedding ring that’s truly unique and unlike any other, you can have it custom-made to your ideas and specifications. In fact, there’s no better way than a specially-designed and crafted wedding ring to show someone how much you love them.

Knowing that you went out of your way to have a unique piece of jewellery made just for them speaks volumes. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with buying a ring right off the shelf, but custom-made jewellery certainly has a certain allure to it and adds to the significance of the ring and the meaning behind it.

You might be wondering: How long does it take to have a wedding ring made?

This will depend on the jeweller and the ring’s overall design, but generally, you’ll likely have your ring within a few days to a few weeks. Sometimes, you could even have your ring on the same day your order it, if there are jewellers on-site to make the ring and you order early in the day.

Again, this will depend on the jeweller and their availability schedule. To save stress, just be sure to order your diamond wedding ring well in advance of your wedding day.

Where To Buy Wedding Rings?

Whether you buy a pre-made diamond wedding ring or choose to have one custom-made, you’ll want to deal with a jeweller that offers quality for the right price.

Personal recommendations or doing a search online for quality jewellers in your area will help you narrow the search. Whatever you do, be sure to only deal with a jewellery store that has a reputation for quality and customer service. Your wedding day is a super special day, after all.

Diamond Wedding Rings At Dracakis

Dracakis is a quality jeweller at 3 fantastic locations. We offer a dazzling range of diamond wedding rings for you to choose from and can even have a ring custom-made for you if you prefer. Browse our online catalogue or drop into a store to view our range and chat with our friendly staff.