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Did you Propose to Him? | How to Choose a Men's Engagement Ring

Did you Propose to Him? | How to Choose a Men's Engagement Ring | Dracakis Jewellers

These days, more and more men are wearing engagement rings rather than just a wedding band. No longer is the engagement ring purely the domain of the woman’s ring finger.

Did your man recently propose to you and you said yes? Do you want to surprise him and buy him a men’s engagement ring? If so, you might be wondering are there engagement rings for men?

The answer is, yes there are engagement rings just for men.

In this article, you’ll learn more about engagement rings for men and how to choose one that’s just right for your significant other.


Is It Normal for a Man To Have An Engagement Ring?

In years gone by, if you had asked this particular question, the answer would likely have been a definite no. In modern times, things are changing. It’s becoming increasingly more fashionable for men to wear engagement rings today. And why not? After all, the idea behind an engagement ring is to signify a commitment to marry. This commitment doesn’t just rest with the woman alone. A man is committing his hand in marriage as well, so it only makes sense that he should wear an engagement ring too.

While some guys might still find the prospect of wearing an engagement ring a little unusual, it’s becoming a popular trend in recent times.

Choosing An Engagement Ring To Suit a Man

Obviously, a man’s engagement ring isn’t going to be quite the same as one that suits a woman’s finger. That’s not to suggest that an engagement ring for a man can’t include a diamond or some other stone. For men’s rings, generally the stone is more inset into the band of the ring, rather than proudly perched on top in an intricate setting.

A ring for a guy doesn’t have to have any stone if you choose not to. It could be more of a plain band like a traditional wedding ring. It could be a mixture of rose and white gold, for example, to make the engagement ring look a little more interesting, and so it stands out from the wedding ring that your man will ultimately wear.

You want to choose something that looks nice and is somewhat unique, but it also needs to look manly as well. One of the best ways to come up with some ideas is to view images of men’s engagement and wedding rings online. This will give you a much clearer picture of what appeals to you (and him) and what type of ring you may want to ultimately shop for.

Most of all, have fun with coming up with ideas and even quiz your guy on the style of men’s rings that he prefers. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what he likes.

Are You Planning To Propose To Your Special Man?

Maybe your partner hasn’t proposed to you yet and you’re thinking of asking the question yourself. You figure it would be more meaningful if you could offer him an engagement ring with your proposal, so you can slip it onto his finger when he says yes.

But what kind of ring do you propose to a man with?

Well, we’ve discussed some ideas in the section above. If you’re still unsure, you may want to have a chat with a jeweller or two to get some new ideas. It’s a good idea to do a bit of window shopping first anyway, so you can see what’s available and have a better idea of what will look cool on his ring finger.

Another idea is to take a male friend or relative ring hunting with you, as they can offer a guy’s perspective without you having to take your partner along and spoil the surprise.

If you give yourself time to research and shop around, you’ll come up with something you both really like.

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