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Exquisite Emerald | This Month's Precious Birthstone

Exquisite Emerald | This Month's Precious Birthstone | Dracakis Jewellers

If you're lucky enough to be born in May, your birthstone is the coveted green Emerald! This spectacular gemstone is also representative of the spring time with its vibrant green colour - and a popular gift for milestone anniversaries.

The oldest emeralds are estimated to date back 2.7 billion years, forming deep within the veins of the earths crust. The conditions here, in these hydrothermal veins, when cool, are perfect for the emerald crystals to form. The mix of specific elements the crystals are composed of during this period, will ultimately determine the gems colour - which is why emeralds mined in different parts of the world can have distinctive tones.

Today, Emeralds are mined in three main countries, Columbia, Zambia & Brazil. At Dracakis, our collection of Emerald jewellery features gems from all three, but let's take a closer look at two!

The first is Columbia - where arguably the finest emeralds on earth are found. Columbian Emeralds are known to have a vibrant, warm green colour & excellent purity.

The second, is Zambia. Zambian Emeralds are becoming increasingly popular due to their deep forest green tones & exceptional quality.

As with most coloured gemstones, there are many special meanings & properties that people believe - here are a couple of our favourites,

Emerald is thought to be a stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love.

Emerald is believed to give the wearer good fortune, foresight, health and youth. Promoting friendship, faithfulness and wisdom.

If you'd like to learn more about these magnificent gems, you can book a consultation with the team at your local Dracakis boutique here - or, browse our collection of Emerald Jewellery here.