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Halo Engagement Rings | Trending in Style

Halo Engagement Rings | Trending in Style | Dracakis Jewellers

Halo engagement rings have truly been trending in style and popularity of late, but what exactly is a halo engagement ring and is it the right ring choice for you or your partner?

Let’s take a closer look at halo engagement rings to discover more about them.


What Does Halo Engagement Ring Mean?

Essentially, for a ring to be called a halo ring or a halo engagement ring, this simply means that there is a larger centre stone that is completely surrounded by a ring of smaller stones, creating a halo effect. This circle of small stones serves as an accent to help highlight the larger centre stone, as well as adding more bling to the ring.

Halo engagement rings don’t just utilise the traditional round brilliant cut design. Halo rings come in all manner of shapes and sizes, also taking advantage of the more modern dream cut, pear-shaped diamonds, cushion cut, oval shape and more. Halo rings also don’t only use diamonds but can be made from all sorts of coloured gemstones.


Why Are Halo Diamond Engagement Rings So Popular These Days?

Sometimes, people just want something a little different and more modern. A break from tradition and something that makes a statement about their individual personality. The halo engagement ring achieves these goals to perfection.

Halo engagement rings are customisable rings and many opt to have their designs for a ring custom-made by a quality jeweller. The design is so versatile compared to something like a solitaire ring, that there is so much more scope for variety and the ability to create an engagement ring that is very unique.

Modern brides are loving the variety of designs that halo engagement rings offer.


How Much Does it Cost To Add a Halo To An Engagement Ring?

If you’re looking to customise a ring you want to buy (or already own) into a halo ring, you’re probably wondering what that’s going to cost. It’s quite an open-ended question that can rely on a number of factors.

For starters, the number of, size and quality of the diamonds you wish to purchase to create the halo is obviously going to affect the final total in a major way. A setting also has to be created for the halo. The setting could be made from sterling silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold or platinum, so this is also going to determine the price.


Some Popular Halo Engagement Ring Designs

Let’s take a look at just a few halo engagement rings that are proving very popular with brides to be.

The Dracakis Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring features not one halo around a dazzling centre diamond, but two halos of smaller diamonds. There are even diamonds adorning the shoulders of the ring. With a band made from 18ct white gold with a polished rhodium finish, this double halo ring will wow any bride to be. With two halos and so many stones, the ring sparkles from every possible angle.

Another ring in the halo range that’s certainly worth taking a close look at is the Hearts On Fire Dream Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring. Dream cut rings are extremely popular with the ladies at the moment because of their modern design. This particular halo ring is made from platinum and features a total of 33 diamonds for the centre stone, halo and shoulder stones. It’s an engagement ring of magnificent quality.

A truly dazzling ring choice would be the Pink & White Diamond Halo Engagement Ring from Dracakis. In the centre of this stunning ring is a large white diamond surrounded by smaller pink diamonds, all set into an 18ct yellow gold band with a white gold setting. This ring definitely has the wow factor.


Where To Buy Halo Engagement Rings?

At Dracakis Jewellers, you can select a diamond halo engagement ring from our collection or even talk to us about getting one custom-designed and made just for you, guaranteeing a truly unique halo engagement ring. Give us a call or browse our website today to learn more about our halo engagement rings and our other fine jewellery.