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How To Style Your Tennis Bracelet

20 Sep 2022
How To Style Your Tennis Bracelet - Dracakis Jewellers

Whether you prefer to dress up or keep things casual, the classic tennis bracelet infuses just the right amount of sparkle to elevate your look.

Maybe it’s thanks to celebrities like Billie Eilish and Penelope Cruz donning these iconic diamond bracelets but these simple yet sophisticated pieces have come centre stage as one of the must-have jewellery items for 2022, and we believe it's here to stay.

With designers reimagining the tennis bracelet and influencers flaunting them in their gorgeous OOTDs, this nostalgic piece of jewellery will surely remain timeless in an era full of buzzworthy trends.

What is a tennis bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are made of one or multiple rows of stones, such as crystals, diamonds, or cubic zirconia, strung together on a slim bracelet. They are typically set in white gold, silver or platinum and are made to produce the most gorgeous shimmer.

For more than 20 years, tennis bracelets have maintained an enduring level of popularity. They are viewed as an investment piece and are favoured by both royalties and celebrities.

How exactly did the tennis bracelet get its name?

In 1978, World Champion Chris Evert sported a diamond bracelet to her match in the U.S. Open. But not just any ordinary bracelet, it was an extremely delicate one, loose enough to allow for flexibility and movement. 

Since wearing this diamond bracelets during a tennis match wasn't usual then, Chris Evert's decision to stop the competitive game when her diamond bracelet came off in the middle of it gave rise to the name "tennis bracelet," which has persisted ever since.

Several years later, Evert hasn't been the only famed tennis player to wear the bracelet on the court. Alo seen wearing high-end diamond bracelets during a match are Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.

How to size and wear a tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets should be loose enough to allow for movement but not so loose that they could fall off. They shouldn't be worn on the hand low like bangles, though they shouldn't be too tight against the skin as well. 

As a general rule, one finger should fit between your tennis bracelet and your wrist for it to be the right fit. The best approach is to loosely wrap a tape measure around your wrist, which can also be done with a string or ribbon and measured against a ruler after. If you are buying a surprise gift, start by looking at the average size. The most common bracelet size for women is between 7 and 7.5 inches.

Since most people are right-handed, it is typically worn on the left wrist for less wear and tear.

How to take on the tennis bracelet trend 

Tennis bracelets look classic, gorgeous and elegant on their own, but if you want to make a statement with your ensemble, here are a few ways to style them.


  • Pair it with a watch



Matching diamond tennis bracelets with watches is much simpler than you may think, as tennis bracelets are designed to add low-key sparkle to your overall outfit and won't look gaudy together with a watch on your wrist. 

This gorgeous combination makes a great striking ally, especially with matching metals, whether you go for the classic yellow gold, elegant white gold or the aesthetic rose gold. These accessories also complement each other when the watch includes opulent diamond accents.

If the band of your watch is leather instead of metal, you can always spread out your style and put your watch on one wrist and your tennis bracelet on the other. This works particularly well if you don't want the delicacy of your bracelet to clash with the more laid-back and tougher leather strap. 


  • Stack it with other fashion bracelets.



In addition to styling your tennis bracelet with a watch, wearing them with other pieces on the same wrist is also a stunning idea. As a matter of fact, they often look best this way. 

Prized for their beauty and versatility, tennis bracelets shimmer alluringly when stacked with other fashion bracelets. Bracelet stacking is a great way to jazz up your outfit and allows you to incorporate new pieces while still making the most of your favourite ones.

Check out our Essential Diamond Hinged Bangle. This classic bangle is the perfect addition to your bracelet stack. Featuring 43 brilliant cut diamonds, this hinged white gold bangle is a surefire way to own any occasion. Wear it with a tennis bracelet and watch how you make heads turn. 


  • Combine it with a simple necklace.



Tennis bracelets are crafted to have a relaxed and somewhat casual-chic feel. When worn together with heavy necklaces and earrings, the sum of the ensemble may look conflicting. 

Opt for a simple necklace with a dainty diamond pendant to keep up with your tennis bracelet's fun and preppy aesthetic. You can also consider pairing it with a bezel necklace for a classic combination.


  • Wear it with your wedding ring.



Wearing a tennis bracelet along with your wedding or engagement ring must be one of the most romantic ways to flaunt this trend. 

A tennis bracelet can also complement a bride's dress beautifully. If you are looking to add a touch of sparkle while you walk down the aisle, we recommend a stunning single-row tennis bracelet like this Essential Diamond Tennis Bracelet from our collection. 

This 6.85ct diamond tennis bracelet is beautifully crafted in white gold, with smoothly articulated links set with brilliant white diamonds. Slay this piece in your wedding dress, or sport it for a hit of glamour in your jeans and tops.


  • Dress up in a casual style.



Speaking of jeans and tops, tennis bracelets look incredibly chic with cool basics. You can wear it on pretty much every occasion, from company parties, meetings, park dates, graduation or even to a tennis match. 

Tennis bracelet's versatility goes beyond evening gowns and glam nights. They also add a touch of sophistication and mystique to simple denim, tees, tops and flannels. 

If you want to go for a more understated and minimalist piece, you can opt for daintier jewellery like this Delicate Bezel Set Diamond Bracelet. It features five individually bezel set round brilliant cut diamonds on a delicate chain bracelet, perfect on its own or as a luxurious layer, stacked with a tennis bracelet or bangle.

When to purchase a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a fashion statement and a timeless classic that is sure to shine even in the next generations. Because of this, they make ideal presents to celebrate important holidays, anniversaries, and important milestones.

Whether buying it for a gift or just spoiling yourself with a luxe piece, a tennis bracelet is an easy favourite. 

They also imbue a sense of unparalleled sophistication and versatility, whether you choose to wear it solo or accessorise them with your favourite jewellery pieces. Truly, it's a stunning piece you'll never want to spend a day without on your wrist.

At Dracakis, we make the finest jewellery pieces to suit your fashion sense and preference. Explore our website for our most exquisite tennis bracelets to find the piece that perfectly matches who you are.

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