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Icons of Italian Style | Pasquale Bruni

30 Dec 2021
Icons of Italian Style | Pasquale Bruni - Dracakis Jewellers

Discover icons of Italian style by Pasquale Bruni & learn more about the inspiration behind three of the brands most popular collections, in store exclusively at Dracakis Mosman.

Giardini Segreti Collection

Inspired by the secret gardens of Milan and its mysterious courtyards, these magical places tell stories of secret encounters, art and nature. Giardini Segreti is a tribute to female worlds that are full of passion. The female soul is a garden, meant to be discovered and admired.

Flowers, leaves and butterflies shine on hands. Graceful and precious magic on the skin. The seductive collection of rings is modeled on the hands to be able to obtain a perfect and sensual fit in harmony with the body and its movements. Hands are dressed in an unusual and intriguing way to give every woman the chance to create a secret garden of her own.

It is fascinating and gives a real sense of joy to see how a tree wears its leaves in the dazzle of daylight,” says Eugenia Bruni, creative director of the Maison. “Nature conceals infinite secrets to discover and experience first-hand to feel like a flower in the most invaluable garden of life.”

The collection offers precious matching bracelet, nacklace and earrings which follow the lines of the body… all in the light of diamonds, white and champagne.




Petit Garden Collection

The journey of the precious creations of Giardini Segreti continues. The line born from the hidden gardens that characterize the heart of Milan immediately became an icon of the Maison.

The Giardini Segreti  leaves now follow the ways of the wind to reach distant lands, to discover nature and its infinite secrets. The spirituality of the island of Bali and its perfumed flowers offered to the Gods , the marvelous nature of Hawaii with its powerful ocean and luxuriant corners,  with its garlands of plumeria as a gift of love.

A perfume of love and wonder that unites flowers and places, in a path of the heart into the most ravishing nature.

All these evocations give rise to Petit Garden.

A bouquet of emotions which holds the great beauty of Mother Nature in the world.

The poetry of rose gold goes through the light of the diamonds in a dance of flowers marrying with their leaves. The riviera of diamonds that characterize the choker, the rings and the bracelets represent blades of grass of rose and white gold and diamonds on which floral motifs can rest.

Jewels to wear on their own or to combine like garlands of flowers. Precious things that live and are transformed into a delicate touch of femininity on the skin, to feel like those leaves that embrace their flowers, free in the wind.


Bon Ton Collection

Bon Ton is the flower that embodies the heart of Mother Nature: the iconic collection of the Maison is the symbol of a sober, elegant and free lifestyle that adapts to the changes in society without betraying its essence through the simplicity and innate grace of a flower.

The collection is the celebration of the femininity within every woman. Different gemstones, have inspired Eugenia Bruni by their ability to bestow power, beauty and energy to women.  Light hues create delicate and intimate contrasts in the sensuous pastel colours, together with the intensity of the ocean blue and the warmth of brown.

In the selection of the gems we find the poetry of pink quartz, the stone of eternal Love, the embrace between heaven and sea of chalcedony, the sensual lunar candour of milky quartz, the earthly warmth of smoky quartz, and the mystery of London blue topaz.

Bon Ton collection comes from the iconic flower, the true essence of Nature and wins over by the refinement of its details: the stones of exceptional beauty, all made unique by the patented Bon Ton cut characterized by the soft irregular facets of the petals which design a cabochon pistil in the heart of the stone, the precious floral inlay which can be seen on the back; the crown in flowers that lets the joyous and sensual light of the gems vibrate on the skin, which benefits from its energy and seduces with infinite charm.

From the colored gems to the most secret version: the brilliant transparency of Rock Diamonds guards and allows a precious flower in a pavé of white and champagne diamonds, all in rose gold. This combination symbolize the purity of the inner light that radiates joyfully into the world.

The full collection consists of rings, bracelets, earrings or necklace. The long sautoir necklaces are designed to be worn like precious scarves of gold on the skin, to illuminate with sensuality the female décolleté: with one loop for a Daily Chic style, with a double loop with the flower in the center for a Cocktail Moment, in a cascade down the back for a Sensual Gala and like a band in the hair for a Lovely Glamour look.

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