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Introducing Pasquale Bruni | Vera Passione

Introducing Pasquale Bruni | Vera Passione | Dracakis Jewellers

The origins of Pasquale Bruni

For two generations Pasquale Bruni have created the most exceptional pieces of jewellery for women all over the world. Every creation uniting the nobility of metal and precious stones in a family owned and managed workshop in the heart of Italy.
Each day their knowledge, independent spirit and experience come together in their studio and workshop in a labour of love. An expression of vera passione, an emotion felt by everyone who wears it.


Pasquale Bruni is an Italian luxury jewelry brand that creates high-quality jewels easily recognized thanks to the emotion, soul and love that pass to whoever wears them. Their inspiration comes from nature blended in harmony, Italian roots, and from the self-awareness and femininity of contemporary women.


Our designs are the expression of passion, love, constant experimentation, innovation, research of color and material, to create unique piece of jewelry.

Focus On Women

Our Pieces are designed by a woman for women with a constant focus on clients and their relationship with their jewelry. Each piece is studied to have a perfect comfort for women in their everyday life.


Every Pasquale Bruni creation is 100% Made in Italy in the Valenza Atelier, and each process is done in-house under the attentive supervision of the Bruni family to deliver a product of the highest quality. 

Vera Passione

Each day we bring our love, knowledge, independent spirit and experience to the atelier. An expression of Vera Passione, an emotion felt by everyone who wears Pasquale Bruni.

Savoir Faire

The savoir faire of Pasquale Bruni, hand making jewels since 1968, truly sets the brand apart from other Italian jewellery houses. Their unique approach to gemstones, gem setting & their metals is equally special.

Pasquale Bruni Diamonds

The diamonds set on Pasquale Bruni jewellery reflect the following features: color F-G, purity VVS-VS. These standards are not specific of the Atelier collection which mounts exclusive stones. Pasquale Bruni certifies each and every diamond according to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). This process forbids the use of diamonds from war zones, so no diamond is purchased in countries that support rebellions or wars that violate the United Nations resolutions. 

Pasquale Bruni Pave Setting

The iconic Pasquale Bruni method of stone-setting combines the expertise of master craftsmen and the perfect harmony of gold and selected gems to make the piece look like a sheer fabric of shimmering stones. The backside of pave is created following the traditional handcrafting techniques of high-end jewellery. The tiny holes, that permit to light up the gems, in many Pasquale Bruni creations have the shape of little hearts.

Pasquale Bruni Gemstones

Pasquale Bruni uses exquisitely produced natural stones. Large, colored stones are one of the house’s main assets, picked in a painstaking selection process from a range of premium natural materials. The diamond selection process is another mainstay of our company and guarantee of the quality of our stones. All coloured gems are selected one by one, and purchased according to the highest and strictest quality standards. Only the most beautiful gems become Pasquale Bruni gems.

Chosen for their colours, nuances, and intensity – all qualities that best express Pasquale Bruni’s sensitivity – these gems stand out for their high-quality transparency, brilliance and colour intensity. Semiprecious gems are cut in Valenza, Italy, and in Jaipur, India. Precious gems, such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds, are generally cut in their country of origin, which explains the expression “native cut,” referring to the countries of Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Burma and Colombia. Pasquale Bruni is among the founding members of the Ethical Committee for Coloured Gemstones. 

Pasquale Bruni Cut

For each Pasquale Bruni collection, a special cut is devised to make the piece irresistible and unique.

Vera Passione since 1968
Pasquale Bruni arrives at Dracakis this April, just in time for Mother's Day. 

Preview the collection here.