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La Gioia | The Quintessence of Pomellato's Joyful Style

La Gioia | The Quintessence of Pomellato's Joyful Style | Dracakis Jewellers

Expressing the quintessence of its joyful style, Pomellato unveils La Gioia, the brand’s historic first High Jewellery collection. Shining with brilliant combinations of gems and colours, in sensual golden volumes, and with avant-garde techniques, the distinctive jewels of La Gioia di Pomellato define the unconventionality and passion of Milanese design. Pomellato’s personality is exquisitely magnified in La Gioia pieces, each telling the brand’s unique story by exemplifying its iconic style and masterful savoir-faire.

The Genesis

Entirely unconventional in its design, Pomellato has filled a niche by offering women jewels that are at once powerful, creative and freeing. Since it was founded in Milan in 1967, the brand’s innovative “prêt-à-porter jewels” revolutionized the historically conservative field of jewellery. Pomellato thereby became known for dusting off the old-fashioned idea of jewellery-creation to reveal the shine of a new era. In 2020, Pomellato evolves into the world of High Jewellery, launching its first High Jewellery collection of 165 pieces. “La Gioia di Pomellato truly expresses who we are – our deepest identity – and Pomellato is not an elitist jeweller,” said Sabina Belli, Pomellato CEO. This collection reflects the Italian art of living, where one does not make a distinction between everyday jewellery and ceremonial jewelry, between the jewels that one wears and those that one leaves in the vault. In Italy, beauty is not to be feared, it is to be revered!” In this spirit, the creation of High Jewellery necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings was entrusted to the same craftsmen who develop all the lines of jewellery for the Maison. Their savoir-faire and quality are exampled daily at the Casa Pomellato workshop, where one-hundred in-house goldsmiths design, hand-carve and hand-set the jewels, from start to finish.



The Spirit of the Collection

La Gioia creations carry the most iconic Pomellato signatures in their design: a love for colour and for out-of-the-ordinary gemstones, a penchant for gourmette chains and extra-large links, and a true mastery of irregular gem settings, always carefully hand-carved. For La Gioia, Pomellato does not invent a new story but rather celebrates its own. Pomellato sublimates its unique emblems of style to create a fantastic reinterpretation. “Our DNA is what nourishes the inspiration of our High Jewellery,” explains Vincenzo Castaldo, the Creative Director of the brand. “We reinvent our iconic Nudo rings, the Tango chain, Ritratto’s mineral stones, but meanwhile we maintain a balance between masterful craftsmanship and the audacity of a creation. La Gioia speaks in the Pomellato language but in an even more unrestrained, more reckless, more sophisticated way. In this collection, the High Jewellery pieces act as our veritable protagonists: the stars of Pomellato design.” By creating these ultimate examples of its aesthetic vision, Pomellato reveals the creative elements its pieces are borne of: artisanal craftsmanship, the inspiration of joy and colour, and the vivacious nature of its very Italian story.



Gourmette Chameleon

The love story between Pomellato and chains dates back to the end of the 1960s. While the era called established patterns of society into question, the brand seized upon this revolutionary symbolism to master gold links – freeing them from the jewellery tradition’s rigidity. By working chains in an asymmetrical, sensual and ergonomic fashion, Pomellato reinvented the gourmette into a voluptuous, distinctive Pomellato style. For 2020, Pomellato pushes its chains to the limit in a new precious creation. Gourmette Caméléon is a choker of pure magic, and each of its 29 gold links is set with a gradation of multicolored gemstones. From fir green to Malabar pink, from cerulean blue to daffodil yellow, the colors of sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, spinels, tsavorites, garnets, rubies, tanzanite, aquamarines, topaz and diamonds have been chosen and arranged according to the subtlety of their nuances. Requiring nearly 200 hours of work to create, the piece’s gourmette chain shines like a ‘rainbow’ – a symbol of hope. This colourful emblem is to represent the common solidarity that exists between every being, an important notion in modern times.

Nudo Collier Plastron

In a neo-renaissance style, Nudo Plastron is designed with draped gold chains and coloured stones. For its innovative gem pairing, Pomellato regales its talent, combining light and dark topazes together as if to create a sky that is at once clear and yet dotted with clouds. Imagining a more incandescent version of Pomellato genius, the master jeweller stages cognac diamonds with white topazes and pyrope garnets into five rows of flamboyant rose gold. For a final act, the Milanese Maison rolls out a Nudo Plastron necklace encapsulating all the colours of creation. The deep blue of topaz, the moss green of peridot, the lilac of amethyst, the orange of mandarin garnet, the raspberry of tourmaline, the bright yellow of lemon quartz and the iridescent pink of the rhodolite are celebrated in a joyful explosion of precious colour.