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Our Most Most Requested Handcrafted Gemstone Jewellery Pieces

12 Aug 2022
Our Most Most Requested Handcrafted Gemstone Jewellery Pieces - Dracakis Jewellers

At Dracakis Jewellers, we’ve spent two decades forging our reputation for some of Sydney’s finest handcrafted gemstone jewellery and over that time we’ve watched trends shift and change in tandem with our loyal customers' lives.

Sometimes colour reigns supreme, or people opt for more paired-back classics, what remains the same is that each piece from our collection is handmade to perfection by our artisans.

Whether you’re pairing your piece with streetwear, sophisticated evening gowns or cool casual outfits, we specialise in offering a range of jewellery selections to help you make an impression.

Explore seven of the most welcomed and sought-after handcrafted gemstone jewellery from our collection and discover your own favourite.


Featuring an oval-shaped 8.10ct intensely coloured tanzanite and surrounded by brilliant & marquise-shaped white diamonds in a classic cluster style, people can’t help but be captivated by this piece.

But it goes beyond the superficial by actually being steeped in meaning, with the  tanzanite representing guidance to turn big dreams into reality. It’s also considered a stone that symbolises heart and intellect combined with intuition and purity.

While perhaps not as popular as diamonds, tanzanite is 1000 times rarer, mined commercially only in Tanzania. It comes in different hues but strong blue or intense-purple blue is considered to be the most lavish and valuable.

In addition, these gemstones are known to be “the gemstone of a generation” as they are expected to deplete within the next 25 years.

It's a coloured gemstone that is undoubtedly regal and mysterious on its own but when ringed by brilliant-cut and marquise-shaped diamonds, the coloured gemstone pops beautifully as a centre stone.


Whatever ensemble you are looking to complete, this classic dress ring can’t help but exude sophistication and style.

With an 8.30ct Pakistani Pink Tourmaline set in white gold and paved with brilliant white diamonds, the design is elegantly chic and feminine, almost radiating positive energy while adding a little touch of mischief.

Pink tourmaline, also called rubellite, is the modern birthstone for October. They are worn widely for their healing and protective properties.

Tourmalines are known to release tension from the nervous system and fuel the body with positive energy. These lovely pink gemstones are believed to help the wearer regain a state of calm and deal with anxiety, palpitations and troublesome sleep.

Although they can be mine throughout the world, tourmalines from Pakistan are some of the most ethereal and exquisite.


Clients can’t get enough of this piece from our gemstone collection. And we can see why.

These much-loved Malaya garnet and diamond earrings are client favourites when it comes to special events. They feature a unique and vibrant purple gemstone set with brilliant white diamonds.

Malaya garnet is a popular yet rare garnet variety. Just like their hue, these gemstones have a colourful and rich history. First discovered with Rhodolite garnet in Tanzania, dealers threw them out as they were confused about what they found. They eventually referred to them as ‘out of the family.’ Hence, Malaya, meaning ‘outcast’ or ‘misfit’ in Swahili.

As Malaya garnet grew in popularity, its name was officially recognized into  gemological nomenclature. Today, it is revered as a prized gemstone.


For a dramatic pop of colour, this dress ring with an oval-cut 15.00ct tanzanite centre stone makes a bold statement.

This glamorous three-stone dress ring showcases a  rare, deep violet Tanzanite of spectacular scale, set between perfectly matched oval-cut white diamonds. To do the magic and exaggerate the impressive size of the sensational centre gemstone, the piece was crafted with a hidden halo of brilliant cut diamonds.

Tanzanites are infamous for their unusual yet fascinating aura and almost immaculate appeal to the eyes. Its deep blue hue with a slightly purple tinge is one of the finest colours known to man.

This gemstone suits a confident woman who wishes to set herself apart and underline individuality with style.

With this three-stone dress ring, you can easily show off your strong personality and unconventional poise and beauty.

Otherwise, if you are a man looking for a special gift for your special someone, check out our diamond engagement rings brochure now. We have a wide range of options that will surely suit her style.


Clients love this piece for its luxurious design.

It highlights a gorgeous cushion brilliant cut Mint Green Afghani Tourmaline centre gemstone, made more graceful and ravishing with brilliant cut white diamonds in delicate halos of white gold.

Mint tourmaline is a breath of fresh air in the gemstone trade. Thanks to its invigorating pastel greens and effervescent tones that embody a youthful vibe commanding attention.

If you are looking to infuse vitality and freshness into your jewellery collection, then be one of our clients who just got their hands on this beautiful piece.

Aquamarine has long been a favourite choice for gemstone jewellery—and for good reason. It’s the ultimate calming stone, associated with mental clarity, serenity and harmony.

This coloured gemstone is also believed to influence the way we speak and improve communication, making it a perfect piece for leaders.

The various colours of the aquamarine gemstone have dulcet names. Espirito Santo is a trading name for aquamarine of not very deep blue colours, coming from the homonymous Brazilian state. It is an all-around, all-year colour, bringing an outstanding dazzle to neutral outfits.

Looking to get some statement ocean colour in your ensemble? Whether you’re donning a business outfit or a sheath dress, our Brazilian Espirito Santo Aquamarine & Princess Cut Diamond Earrings are your OOTD best friend.

It is one of the trendiest stones and a perfect core piece for every jewellery collection. No wonder why it is loved among high-end jewellery designers.


There’s something about gold, diamonds and gemstones that adds to a woman’s allure. This is why this jewellery piece from our collection is breaking records.

It’s one of our most talked-about drop-style earrings that has gained massive attention from many of our clients. It features vibrant champagne-coloured diamonds in delicate white halos, crafted in yellow gold to enhance their warm tones. This piece is undeniably a crowd’s favourite!

There’s an infinite reason why gemstone jewellery is so popular. They can elevate a simple outfit or complement a heavy one. Plus, aside from their aesthetic value, they are known to come with healing properties and added health benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

In Dracakis, craftsmanship is paramount so you’ll enjoy the beauty, luxury and quality of all our gemstone jewellery.

Browse more from our gemstone selection or visit our store at Brookvale, Castle Hill and Mosman. You can also check out our diamond jewellery collection for more work of art options.

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