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Summer Sparkle | Your Guide to Yellow Diamonds

Summer Sparkle | Your Guide to Yellow Diamonds | Dracakis Jewellers

Yellow diamonds are the most commonly known form of coloured diamonds and among the most sought after colours within the coloured diamonds family.

The reasons are quite understandable, they are very beautiful stones, but here are some interesting notes on yellow diamond engagement rings;

Yellow diamonds are part of the coloured diamond family and account for about 60% of all coloured diamonds. Their colour is caused by the presence of nitrogen in their crystalline structure, the more nitrogen that’s present, the more intense the colour.  

Yellow diamonds are also a family of colours, with the most common combinations being brownish yellow, green yellow and orange yellow. Their yellow colour ranges from Light through to Vivid, with their value increases with the intensity of colour.

While other coloured diamonds may go unnoticed or is some cases simply mistaken for gems, the beautiful and strong colour of yellow diamonds that is often accompanied by strong brilliance cannot be mistaken!

Yellow diamonds are very popular among celebrities, one popular example is Heidi Klum's engagement ring featuring a vivid yellow oval cut diamond!

What to Look For in a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Does cut matter?

For yellow diamonds, it is better to go with a radiant or fancy shape cut rather than a brilliant cut. The reason for this, is the faceting pattern and depth of fancy cuts creates the most vibrant colour possible!

What about the setting?

When choosing a setting for a yellow diamond, it's important to consider that the metal of the setting will affect the appearance of the diamond. Setting a yellow diamond in yellow gold, for example, will again further emphasise the colour of the gem! The addition of a white diamond halo or shoulder diamonds can also help, by creating a sharp contrast between hues.

Are Yellow Diamonds valuable?

The value of yellow diamonds really depends on the intensity of the colour, and the secondary hue it displays. Yellow diamonds can be excellent value, and ideal for anyone who wants a larger statement diamond ring within a smaller budget – but they can also be more valuable than their colourless comparisons!

Fancy yellow or Vivid Yellow are the most valuable stones, and it is these gems Dracakis Jewellers selects for their engagement collection.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these spectacular gems, and talk about bringing the diamond engagement ring of your dreams to life!