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The Allure of Ruby | Exploring the July Birthstone

20 Jun 2023
The Allure of Ruby | Exploring the July Birthstone - Dracakis Jewellers

Ruby, the exquisite birthstone for July, is a gem that has captured hearts for centuries with its lustrous, blood-red allure. Prized since ancient times, rubies hold a significant place in history and are steeped in fascinating legends and symbolism. At Dracakis Jewellers, we celebrate the enchanting beauty of rubies and invite you to embark on a journey to discover the captivating world of the July birthstone.

Historical Marvels

Rubies have graced the annals of history, leaving an indelible mark on cultures across the globe. The gem's prominence dates back millennia, with mentions in biblical texts and vivid descriptions by Pliny in the first century AD. Sanskrit refers to rubies as "the king of gems" or "ratnaraj," a testament to their esteemed status. Originating from South Asia, particularly Thailand and Myanmar, rubies embarked on a mesmerizing journey along the Silk Road, enchanting all who beheld their fiery splendour.

Regal Endorsement

Royalty has long been captivated by the allure of rubies, and their association with nobility is legendary. Even today, jaw-dropping ruby jewellery sets adorn the royal families of England, Denmark, and Portugal. Traveling further back in time, the famous explorer Marco Polo recounted an astonishing tale of the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan. When he encountered the ruby mines of Sri Lanka, he was so enraptured by the gem's beauty that he offered to trade an entire city for a particularly massive scarlet stone. Such tales only serve to deepen the sense of awe surrounding rubies and their regal significance.

Meaning and Symbolism

Beyond their breathtaking beauty, ruby gemstones carry profound meanings and symbolism. Ancient Hindus believed that those who offered rubies to the god Krishna would be emperors in their future lives. In India and Burma, people have long believed that rubies provide safety and peace, while medieval Europeans saw these gems as a guarantee of health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. With such a depth of history and symbolism, rubies truly stand as one of the most impressive birthstones. July babies are fortunate to have a captivating gemstone that allows them to embrace its charming allure year-round.

The Colourful World of Rubies

Colour plays a paramount role in determining a ruby's value. The finest rubies display a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red hue. In most markets, pure red colours command the highest prices, while rubies with overtones of orange and purple are considered less valuable. Achieving the perfect balance of colour is essential, as shades that are either too dark or too light can diminish the stone's brilliance. Excessive darkness can negatively impact its brightness, while lightness may classify the stone as a pink sapphire, despite its high colour intensity. Ultimately, the most desirable colour of a ruby is the one that resonates with you personally, reflecting your unique taste and preference.

Distinguishing Ruby from Pink Sapphire

Discussions among gem dealers have occasionally revolved around the borderline between ruby and pink sapphire. Historically, the term "ruby" encompassed shades of red, including pink. Cultural variations in interpreting ruby versus pink sapphire have also emerged, with some gem-producing nations classifying pink hues as rubies while others label them as pink sapphires. To determine if a corundum gemstone is a ruby, the GIA Laboratory utilizes a set of comparison stones called master stones. Corundum gemstones are classified as rubies only if they exhibit a red hue, derived from chromium. However, the dominant hue remains a subjective assessment in the gem trade, leaving room for personal interpretation.

Fun Facts About Rubies

Prepare to be enchanted by these delightful facts that reveal the mystique of rubies:

  1. Ruby is among the four precious gemstones, alongside emerald, sapphire, and diamond.
  2. The word "ruby" derives from the Latin term "Rubens," meaning red. Rubies exhibit a captivating range of red hues, from rich darkish red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red. The presence of chromium gives rubies their fiery red colour, with the most precious ones displaying a full, rich red with subtle hints of blue tones.
  3. Ruby belongs to the corundum family and is distinguished by its pink to blood-red colour. Other gem-quality corundum varieties are known as sapphires.
  4. Ruby proudly claims its place as the birthstone for July. It also holds traditional significance as a gift for 15th and 40th anniversaries.
  5. With a remarkable hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, rubies are exceptionally durable. They rival the resilience of sapphires and are only slightly softer than diamonds.
  6. Rubies have been discovered in various corners of the world, including Myanmar (formerly Burma), Africa, Australia, and the USA. However, the most exquisite rubies are often associated with Myanmar, earning them the title of "Burmese Rubies."
  7. Imperfections are almost ubiquitous in rubies, making flawless specimens exceptionally rare. In fact, the presence of inclusions serves as an authentication method, as a genuine ruby is unlikely to be without imperfections.

Embrace the Ruby Radiance

When it comes to birthstone gifts, a ruby ring is an extraordinary choice. With its unique allure and meaningful symbolism, a beautiful ruby set in a special design will undoubtedly melt the heart of any July celebrant. The allure of a ruby ring lies in its constant visibility. The wearer will delight in holding it up to the light, admiring its sparkle, and letting their ruby birthstone ring shine as a cherished symbol of their identity.

For those seeking an engagement ring that radiates love, passion, and courage, look no further than a ruby. With a rich history of symbolizing romance and protection, a ruby engagement ring offers a unique twist on the traditional diamond ring. It not only captures personal style but also sets the wearer apart with its vibrant charm.

For the extroverted July birthday celebrant, a ruby necklace is the perfect birthstone gift. Adorning oneself with a stunning ruby pendant creates an instant statement, commanding attention and becoming the centrepiece of any grand entrance.

To elevate the glory of your beloved July baby, consider a diamond and ruby bracelet, tailored to their individuality. Alternatively, a ruby bangle adds a touch of elegance and joy to any occasion.

Complete your gemstone wardrobe with studded diamond and ruby earrings, adding a dash of cuteness to your ensemble. Slipping on sparkling ruby hoops sets the stage for an instant good day, while halo ruby studs offer maximum sparkle for those who prefer a more understated yet dazzling look.

Rubies possess a boldness that stems from their deep-rooted royal history. Those born in July are truly fortunate to have a birthstone imbued with such passion and elegance. With exceptional durability, rubies can accompany you on your journey from one July birthday to the next, requiring only minimal upkeep. By gifting ruby jewellery, you ensure that your next July milestone will be truly memorable and forever cherished.

Discover More about Gemstones

We hope this exploration of rubies has been illuminating and inspiring. If you crave further knowledge about gemstones or desire to delve into the unique qualities of a particular birthstone, we invite you to explore our extensive collection online. At Dracakis Jewellers, we are passionate about helping you find the perfect gemstone jewel to celebrate life’s most special moments!

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