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The Art of Layering | Precious Necklaces

The Art of Layering | Precious Necklaces | Dracakis Jewellers

With so many new & exciting necklace options around today, why stop at just one, when you can carefully curate your own collection by mastering the skill of layering jewellery this summer! By combining unexpected pieces, including diamond pendants, gold chain & Riviera necklaces, you can easily create a nonchalant summer look with a nod to the bohemian luxe trends of today.

An elegant diamond line necklace, like this, with 14ct of brilliant white diamonds might feel like a lot to wear day-to-day, but combined with a fine gold chain, like our Paperclip necklace, or diamond pendant, you can instantly create more casual feeling that you won’t want to take off.

Experiment with different coloured metals, interesting links and weights of chain! By taking care to acquire pieces of different lengths, you’ll never have to worry about tangles!

Our top tips?

Measure your favourite necklace, and shop for something 2cm shorter, or longer, to create a cascade of jewels!

Combine chains of different styles & weights, this will create a more interesting look on the neck and be more comfortable!

Wear more diamonds! Don’t keep your most special pieces aside only for evening wear, layer them & enjoy them everyday.

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