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The Aura of Engagement Rings | Enhance Your Love

The Aura of Engagement Rings | Enhance Your Love | Dracakis Jewellers

What is it about engagement rings that capture our imaginations with the allure of ongoing romance?

There’s just something extra special about an engagement ring compared to other pieces of fine jewellery and in this post, we’ll take a look at the reasons why, as well as some information about different engagement rings and some practical tips.

Does An Engagement Ring Really Enhance Your Love?

While a ring is merely an object, it’s the message an engagement ring portrays that gives it special significance. Giving your partner just the right engagement ring can enhance your bond of love in the way that you’re offering a commitment to someone and a desire to be together.

A stunning engagement ring doesn’t create love or make it last, it’s the symbolism of that ring that adds another dimension to the relationship and a profound sense of deep commitment.

Although it’s a tradition, it’s not only women who can receive and wear an engagement ring either. These days, many men are wearing engagement rings as a symbol of their love and commitment to their partner.

Why Do Diamond Engagement Rings Have Such An Aura About Them?

For one thing, diamonds have always been associated with love and romance. In fact, throughout the ages, diamonds have long been considered a crystal of love-bearing. There is something pure and pristine about a diamond, and when it’s attached to an engagement ring, it can signify the purity of love between 2 people and for some, a symbol of good fortune for the marriage to come.

Coupled with the fact that diamonds are quite rare and natural diamonds can take millions of years to be produced, a diamond engagement ring takes on an aura of being something extremely special on a number of levels. There’s almost a spirituality attached to diamond rings and engagement rings are on another dimension compared to dress rings and rings for casual wear.

Simple Engagement Ring Designs

Many people opt for simple engagement ring designs, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with the basic less is more approach. It really depends on your own personal taste whether you choose something simple, traditional, or want to step outside the boundaries a little and get more daring with engagement ring design.

An example of a simple, yet classic engagement ring is the plain gold band with a solitaire diamond sitting proudly atop the ring in a standard setting. It’s a style of ring that will likely never go out of fashion as people are drawn to its simplicity and the design really highlights the diamond itself.

Another example of a simple diamond ring is one with a large stone adorning the top and smaller diamonds decorating the band.

Choose a Designer Engagement Ring For Something Extra Special

Designer engagement rings add something extra, with things like coloured stones and more unusual and less-common designs and settings. The advantage of giving your partner a designer ring is there won’t be as many people wearing the same ring. They are more unique in appearance and certainly worth considering, to add that extra dimension and aura to the ring and your relationship.

When Should You NOT Wear An Engagement Ring?

Once an engagement ring is on the finger, the wearer can be very reluctant to ever take it off. Some believe it’s even bad luck to remove an engagement ring. Whether you’re superstitious or not, there are some practical occasions when you shouldn't wear an engagement ring.

One typical example of when you shouldn’t wear your ring is if you’re doing some cleaning with harsh chemicals. You don’t want your precious ring to be exposed to these damaging cleaning agents.

Some people remove their ring when doing food prep and cooking, or operating machinery. It’s all about looking after your ring and not exposing it to unnecessary hardship.

Find the Right Engagement Ring In Sydney

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