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The Power of Being Present | IWD2022 with Pomellato

The Power of Being Present | IWD2022 with Pomellato | Dracakis Jewellers

Pomellato, the luxury Milanese Jewellery house, has always been a big supporter of women.

The brand, created in 1967, was one of the first to introduce the concept that women could buy exquisite jewellery pieces for themselves, and not wait to be gifted them on special occasions. The combination of the brand’s wearable and versatile luxury has made them the go-to for the modern woman, who is looking for jewellery pieces that fit into her life and empower her to be her best self.

For 2022, the brand presents its 5th International Women’s Day video that boasts an extraordinary and inspiring international cast of women speaking about the power of being present. Actress and activist Jane Fonda, makes a return (she appeared in last year’s video and has shared her wisdom and lent her voice to the cause for Pomellato since 2018.)

This year Fonda is joined by Italian actress and director Valeria Golino, Chinese actress and producer Yao Chen, American actress and singer-songwriter Alexandra Shipp and Australian actress Samara Weaving. Other women in the video include the Australian actress Rebel Wilson, who has inspired millions with her transformative health and wellness journey, the singer and activist Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, who is the first transgender woman to win a Golden Globe award, and the bestselling author, podcaster and activist Aisha Tyler, who promotes to her listeners, the freedom to embrace who we are.

In this years’s video, the women speak about gratitude for the persons they are today and the obstacles they have overcome. Their collective message and learned wisdom also focusses on letting go of preconceived ideas of how women should be, and releasing the need to attain perfection. Like a hymn to authenticity and a mantra that the viewer can recite for self-empowerment, the #PomellatoForWomen platform aims to create a dialogue surrounding the idea of positive female empowerment.

In 2019, the International Women’s Day messaging was about a worldwide sisterhood, while in 2020, the video was about the power of diversity and the need for inclusivity and tolerance in today’s world. 2021’s video — which featured a dialogue between Fonda and actress-activist Jameela Jamil — touched on the power of womankind and their incredible resilience.

Sabina Belli, the CEO of Pomellato’s spoke on her vision for this year. “The messaging women normally receive is that we need to be more, better, different. This year, Pomellato wants womenkind to hear and remember that we are enough — we are more than enough. Let’s accept and revel in our imperfections, as they make us unique and human. Let’s be proud of our achievements, but also entirely authentic — own it, show it, love it! If we are present for each other, it’s that spirit of cooperation and non judgement that allows us to become the strongest sisterhood. I am proud to stand with Pomellato for Women and I am so proud to carry on these important messages to my sisters.

Watch the full video below.