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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

29 Mar 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring - Dracakis Jewellers

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is a significant milestone in a couple's journey towards eternal love and commitment. It symbolizes the beginning of a beautiful and life-changing journey together. With 2023 marking a new era in diamond ring trends and consumer preferences, it's essential to stay informed and make the best choices when selecting this cherished piece of jewellery. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about buying a diamond engagement ring in 2023, from the latest trends and diamond education to tips on making your proposal truly memorable.

Understanding Diamond Education

Before delving into the world of diamond engagement rings, it's crucial to grasp the fundamental elements that define a diamond's quality and value. These are commonly referred to as the Four Cs:


The cut of a diamond is arguably the most critical factor as it determines the stone's brilliance and sparkle. A well-cut diamond reflects light optimally and creates a dazzling display of fire and scintillation. The most popular cuts in 2023 include round brilliant, princess, and cushion cuts.


Diamond colour is graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). For engagement rings, the most sought-after colours range from D to H, ensuring a nearly colourless appearance that maximizes the diamond's brilliance.


Clarity refers to the presence of internal and external flaws (inclusions and blemishes) within the diamond. The clarity scale ranges from FL (flawless) to I3 (included). Diamonds with a clarity grade of SI1 (slightly included) or higher are recommended for engagement rings, as any inclusions are typically not visible to the naked eye.

Carat Weight

Carat weight measures the size of the diamond. Larger carat stones are often preferred for engagement rings due to their impressive appearance, but the right balance between size and quality is key. A well-cut diamond can make a smaller carat weight appear more substantial and brilliant.

Trends for 2023

As we step into 2023, several exciting trends are shaping the world of diamond engagement rings:

Unique Cuts

Alternative diamond cuts like oval, marquise, and pear shapes are gaining popularity for their individuality and distinctive appearance. These non-traditional cuts offer a fresh and modern twist to classic engagement ring styles.

Vintage and Antique Styles

Vintage-inspired rings with intricate detailing and filigree work are making a strong comeback, appealing to those seeking timeless elegance. These rings often feature unique and intricate designs that evoke a sense of romance and nostalgia.

Coloured Gemstones

Non-traditional centre stones, such as sapphires, emeralds, and morganites, are becoming more prevalent as couples seek personalized and vibrant options. These coloured gemstones add a touch of individuality and symbolism to the engagement ring.

Sustainable and Ethical Diamonds

An increasing number of couples are opting for ethically sourced and environmentally responsible diamonds, supporting sustainable practices in the industry. Ethical diamonds are mined with minimal environmental impact and adhere to fair Labor practices, ensuring that your purchase aligns with your values.

Rose Gold Bands

Rose gold bands have emerged as a Favorite choice for their romantic and warm hue, complementing a wide range of skin tones. This metal option adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any engagement ring design.

Setting Your Budget

Determining the budget for an engagement ring can be challenging. A general guideline suggests spending two to three months' worth of salary on the ring, but this rule is not set in stone. Instead, focus on finding a balance between what you can afford and your partner's preferences. Remember, the value of the engagement ring goes beyond its price tag—it symbolizes your commitment and love.

Before setting your budget, consider the following factors:

Financial Situation

Assess your current financial situation and establish a realistic budget that won't strain your finances. Remember that you'll have other wedding-related expenses to consider as well.

Prioritize Quality

Focus on getting the best quality diamond within your budget. A smaller, high-quality diamond will have more brilliance and sparkle than a larger, lower-quality one.

Alternative Options

Explore alternative options like lab-grown diamonds, which are chemically identical to natural diamonds but more affordable. These sustainable alternatives offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality.


Consider customizing the engagement ring to fit your budget. Custom jewellers can create unique and meaningful designs that align with your price range.

Making Your Proposal Memorable

Once you have the perfect ring, it's time to plan an unforgettable proposal. Consider the following tips to make it truly special:

Personalize the Setting

Choose a location that holds sentimental value or aligns with your partner's interests and hobbies. Whether it's the place you first met or a favourite vacation spot, a meaningful location will add an extra layer of significance to the proposal.

Involve Loved Ones

Enlist the help of family and friends to add an element of surprise and support to the proposal. Involving loved ones can make the moment even more special and create lasting memories.

Capture the Moment

Hire a photographer or plan a discreet video recording to capture the magical moment forever. Having these precious memories documented will allow you to relive the proposal joyfully for years to come.

Incorporate Shared Memories

Relive cherished memories in your proposal to evoke emotions and create a deeper connection. You can incorporate elements from your relationship journey to make the proposal more personal and meaningful.

Choose Meaningful Words

Speak from the heart, expressing your love and commitment in a heartfelt manner. Be sincere and authentic, letting your partner know how much they mean to you and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Buying a diamond engagement ring is an emotional and meaningful experience. By understanding diamond education, staying updated with the latest trends for 2023, setting a thoughtful budget, and planning a memorable proposal, you can create a moment that your partner will cherish forever. Remember, the most important aspect is the love and commitment you share, and the engagement ring serves as a beautiful symbol of that enduring bond. Happy ring shopping and best wishes for an extraordinary proposal!

You can learn more in store at your local Dracakis Jewellers boutique, and you can book an appointment with our team here.
Alternatively, browse our entire collection of diamond engagement rings online here.


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