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A Guide to Buying Diamonds | Nick Dracakis' Top Tips

Are you in the market for something dazzling? If you have started browsing the world of diamonds, you’ve probably noticed that shopping for a diamond is very...
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The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Engagement Rings | By Theo Dracakis

Have you found the perfect partner? Is it time to find the perfect engagement ring? For more than 20 years, my family & the team at Dracakis...
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The Aura of Engagement Rings | Enhance Your Love

What is it about engagement rings that capture our imaginations with the allure of ongoing romance? There’s just something extra special about an engagement ring compared to...
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Designer Engagement Ring | Amaze Your Special One

You may have heard the term “designer engagement ring”, but what is a designer engagement ring exactly and will this type of ring amaze your special someone?...
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Diamond Engagement Rings | Make Your Proposal Memorable

People come up with many inventive ways to propose to their partners these days. They range from the traditional down on one knee proposal to the totally...
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Introducing Pasquale Bruni | Vera Passione

The origins of Pasquale Bruni For two generations Pasquale Bruni have created the most exceptional pieces of jewellery for women all over the world. Every creation uniting...
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